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EQ - Scented Candle - Malpais, Costa Rica


Product Type: Candle

Brand: EQ


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Product Details 

  • 40 hours candle flame time
  • 180g
  • Natural scented candle
  • 100% vegetal wax
  • Pure cotton wick
  • Glass recipient
  • Made in France.

Learn more about me

Base note: Patchouli

Hearth note: Bamboo  & Aquatic mist

Head notes: Waterlily & Jungle foliage

This candle reminds you a walk in a forest, humid and exotic. If you are looking for a refreshing and authentic atmosphere, Malpais Costa Rica is an invitation in the journey. 

Inspired by the surfing lifestyle, EQ is seeking for innovation to improve its permanent search for wellbeing. The products are Made-in-France and with respectful materials for the environment. 

Take care of me

  • Trim the wick to around 1 cm in length before lighting the candle.
  • Never move the candle whilst it is burning.
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