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They are medias, bloggers, influencers and they are all talking about Klow

A quick reminder for the ones that don't know us yet.

Klow has been created in june 2017 by Isma & Gaetan, 2 French Social Entrepreneurs. In march 2018, they've launch a successful crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, where they received the support of 149 conscious consumers that help them bring Klow to live. One month later, the e-shop was launch in English, and then in French, and here we are.

All together we're changing the face of the fashion industry.


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Fashion United - Presse Klow - E-shop de Mode éthique - Presse Klow - Mode éthique et stylé avec Klow

Media Terre - Klow Mode Entrepreneurs Mode Éhtique

The Fashion Revolver - Presse Klow - Klow des vêtements éthiques 

Wossup TV - Presse Klow - La mode éthique à besoin de vous

Friendly Beauty - Presse Klow - A la fraiche avec Klow, concept store éthique et écologique

Charles et Charlotte - Presse Klow - Concept store mode éthique et écologique

La Revolution des Tortues - Presse Klow - Où shopper des vêtements éthique et écologique



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