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Eco-conscious + Stylish + Ethical

No less. No More. 

Klow promotes products made with commitment
and simplicity by real people
for the environment and for our health.

By carefully selecting partners that are change makers among the industry,
we want to build a community of brands and people
that support transparency,
ethical behaviors & care about the environment.

We team-up with brands that change practices
and all together we share the mission to bring sustainability as a standard.

Our Story

Klow was born on the roads, while traveling the world.
The journey drove us to understand better the true issues of our surroundings.
We are citizens looking for alternative way of living and promoting sustainability as a standard.

We trust authenticity, simplicity and commitment as true values in life.
It represents who we are and where we want to be.
A brand, a bunch of friends, partners, associates, neighbours, citizens, for whom changing is not only a word but action.

Klow is a brand relying on authentic people, providing authentic style.
We don’t follow 2 weeks trends.
We promote creative and timeless fashion products made with commitment and simplicity
by real people, for the environment and for our health.

We define Klow as an opportunity for us, for people to access a better future;
but also to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our devotion comes from nature. Our inspiration comes from people.

We are a community of explorers.

We are Klow.


We select only products
made with commitment
by real people, for the nature
& for your health

Products Captions


Products that respect the environment, they don't create any damage and have a low footprint for the planet.


Products that are produce ethically, 
crafstmens & workers have received fair salary during all the supply chain.


Products that support social organisation, a part of the revenue generated by the sale of these products create awareness and benefit help local people in needs through non governmental organizations. 


Theses products are animals cruelty free. They are produced without any use of animals.


Products made out of organic fabrics, without any synthetic or chemical use. These products come directly from nature and have not been genetically modified during the process.


Products made through recycling process, usually made out of old fashion garments.


Products made through recycling process that consist of using trash and used fabrics to create more premium products.


Products that have been made in France


Products that have been made in Europe

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