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« We want to promote creative people and sustainability in order to inspire people on a global level. »
- Dedicated

Klow has selected DEDICATED because it’s one of the major sustainable street wear brand in the fashion industry.

Created in 2012, this Swedish label has commited to leave a minimal environment footprint. Created by a bunch of friends who decided to rethink the street wear business model by creating a brand that combine their passion for graphic design, photography, music and pop culture without sacrifice for their sustainable values.

  • Organic Cotton

    Dedicated only use organic cotton that is grown & produced without using any toxic substances. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, no chemical madness. Their cotton is organically farmed. That means, only natural fertilizer like cow dung is used for pest control. And of course - genetically modified seeds are completely banned.

  • Recycled-PET-Bottles (rPET)

    Why Recycled polyester is considered sustainable? Recycled polyester (rPET) reduces oil demand, for classic polyester it needs approximatively 104 millions barrels of oil each year and classic polyester is one of the most polluting fabrics. It keeps plastic bottles from the ocean and landfills because they are up-cycled to create new materials. And saves big amounts of energy compared to virgin polyester (around 33% to 53% of energy is saved). In the end recycled polyester is considered more sustainable than classic polyester and it is a great material to use for garments such as shoes, or jacket because we don't wash them so often. When you wash them, keep in mind to always do it cold so that reduce the amont of micro-plastic that might be thrown away from your washing machine.

  • Tencel® (Lyocel)

    TENCEL® is a natural and one of the most sustainable fibre, made out of trees, mostly eucalyptus (cellulose)! Due to its closed loop (the solvent is used over and over again), the production of the fibre is environmentally friendly. Moreover TENCEL® is a real allrounder. The fibre feels like silk, cools like linen and warms like wool.


Fairtrade are working for farmers’ rights in developing countries. They help them get organized and make sure they are guaranteed a minimum price for their crop. On top of that Fairtrade premiums are given to villages for investments in schools, infrastructure and other social improvements.

*At Klow we make sure to simplify your research and give you access to the product that perfectly match your personal values, our team tag each products from each brand with the right legend & labels. Please make sure to read the description on our product pages for more details about each clothes & accessories.

Fair working for the farmers

More than 90% of the cotton used by Dedicated is Fairtrade Certified, ensuring their farmers are given better working and living conditions.

The short version is that global chemical companies have made poor farmers in developing countries dependent on their GMO-cotton, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The farmers end up with a polluted, sterile environment and can no longer support their family’s needs.

In the end all profit goes to the big companies while the farmers work extremely hard for nothing and this is at risk for their health & safety but also for the consumers that wear those pieces of cotton that are full of pesticides.

Organic cotton is about going back to how it used to be, farming cotton in a sustainable way, in touch with nature. What you pay for the cotton ends up in a farmer’s household, paying for food and school, instead of dividends to greedy shareholders. Simply, the way it should be.

Dedicated founder have seen the devastating effects of the conventional clothing industry and for him it was clear that we need a positive alternative. The textile industry is the second largest pollutant in the world, and working conditions are infamous, both in the cotton fields and at the factories.


Dedicated clothes are made in India or China, we decided to select the brand regarding their values for sustainability. 

In our point of view, we can change things in the fashion industry by leading the change step by step.

Having brands with high values in those countries create an immense impact for those people abroad who are living in less developed countries than in Europe. 

Often, human rights in those countries are scorned and we don't think it's right. In Klow point of view, all human are equal and all of them should have the right to work in decent conditions.  If all sustainable brands decided to produce in western countries it will only lead to a worth wealth distribution. It will not encourage those factories abroad to be "better" in term of sustainable practices and it would only confine those workers with people with less ethical business values.

 1/6 people in the planet work in the textile industry, fashion is a major actor of local economy in numerous countries.

For Klow, it is important to support and contribute to a healthier work environment for all of the human in the world. No matter where they are from.

  • Armstrong Knitting Mills

    Tiruppur, India

    Dedicated products:

    Jersey, 100% Cotton, GOTS and Fairtrade Certified

    Armstrong is a family owned company in the southern part of India. With about 2 000 employees in four different production units they are one of the biggest suppliers of GOTS and Fairtrade certified cotton garments. This is where we produce almost all of our jersey products like T-shirts and Sweatshirts, making them Dedicated’s main partner
    Click here to find more info: .

  • Dibella / Suvastra

    Bangalore, India

    Dedicated products:

    Woven, 100% Cotton, GOTS and partly Fairtrade Certified

    Dibella is run and owned by three pioneers in sustainable garment production, one of them being the initiator of the Fairtrade Cotton program. They started in 2010 and have about 300 employees today, focusing on premium quality woven garments, mainly shirts. This is where most Dedicated shirts and all Dedicated chinos are made.

  • ASI

    Shanghai, China

    Dedicated products:

    Woven, Organic Cotton
    Knitted, Recycled Polyester

    ASI is one of the biggest Headwear producers in the world, working with most leading streetwear brands. This has ensured we get top quality caps and beanies, but it has been difficult to get them in sustainable materials. It took a couple of years but now we can make caps in organic cotton canvas and beanies in recycled polyester. This is where all Dedicated headwear is made.
    Click here for more info.

  • JMI

    Guangzhou, China

    Dedicated products:
    Swim Shorts

    Woven, Recycled Polyester, GRS certified

    This is where we make our garment made from recycled PET-bottles. A quite small producer that allows us to develop new items in recycled materials. So far we make jackets and swim shorts here, we will see what is next.

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