Ecology + Social Impact

It's Time to rethink the Game!

Klow intends to promote
new way of consumption in Europe.
We want to create
awareness & provide a solution
to go against fast fashion habits.

Rethink Fashion

Today, fashion industry leads to environmental & social issues:
pollution & bad wealth distribution throughout the entire supply chain…

Fashion is not so glamorous when we think about it:

Clean water pollution, CO2 emission, chemicals use, and fabric waste. Production is relocated in poor countries and workers pay the price (bad health and safety, 50% salary below minimum living wage).

We want to support beautiful fashion business models and promote a safer, 
greener and slower industry as a new standard.

For us education & creativity are the key to create a better future. 

There's an urgent need to #rethink the fashion business model. 
Today, the textile industry is among the most polluting one, second only after oil.

Klow supports the growth of slow consuming
for the well-being of our next generation.

A lower footprint on the planet while supporting the global fair trade economy.


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