We commit to give back 1% of our sales revenue

Meet our social partners

Because at Klow we wanted to go further within our global impact, we commit to give back 1% of our sales revenue to two organisations that protect & help Childs in needs.

Commitment is what you give no matter what you get back, and this is where change begins.

Let's us introduce you to these 2 awesome organisations
that are truly making a change in peoples lives!

Mary’s Meal

"Every child deserves and education and enough to eat".
Mary's meal is a charity that provide one good meal in a place of learning, children are drawn into the classroom where they can receive an education that could one day free them from poverty.

15,60€ is enough to feed a kid during an entire school year. If they have food at school they don’t need to be outside in the streets begging for it.
With your help, Klow will sponsor children with a part of our sales revenue.

Wave By Wave

Wave by wave is a Portuguese non-profit organisation that provides a child-friendly mental health service through surf-therapy, designed & carried out by mental health technicians & surf instructors.


Their aim is to contribute to the physical and psychological rehabilitation of children (5 to 18 years old) that are at risk of social exclusion (orphanage or juvenile detention centre).

Through Surf initiation and stress management workshops, the kids improve their happiness, and confidence by having a safe place where they can free their emotions in contact of nature.


Klow will sponsor the program through donations (equipment from our brands & funding from our revenue).


Let's make a change, all together.

Because we all are making a difference.
Together we have so much impact on this world.
And we truly think it is the best thing to do. So if you think so too,
Let's start now...


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