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Top 5 Inspiring Instagram Account That Bring Awareness to Slow Fashion & Ethical Living

Social media, and specifically Instagram, is playing a significant role in spreading the word on slow fashion and ethical living. These 5 insta-influencers have certainly captured our imagination and we recommend that you check them out. Whether you are looking for styling tips, eco-travel ideas, or stories of people incorporating eco living values into their life, these perfectly curated Instagram pages will inspire you for the better.


  • The Helm Society, @thehelm_society

The Helm is a social enterprise with a goal to steer the fashion industry towards a sustainable direction. Check out Helm’s account for inspiration on minimalist accessories and ethical clothing brands. Helm also does a really great job with its educative posts and quotes that make you aware of the greater dynamics in today’s global fashion industry.



  • Greta Eagan, @gretaeagan

Greta Eagan is a London-based blogger and author of one of the best books on slow fashion and eco-living Wear No Evil: How to Change the World With Your Wardrobe. Her Instagram account is a beautiful showcase of her personal style as an ethical creative and fashion enthusiast. Greta does a great job of simplifying the capsule wardrobe and it is hard not to want to start making conscious fashion choices after perusing through this inspirational account.



  • Livia Firth, @livia_firth

Livia Firth is one of the early pioneers of slow fashion; she began way before ethical and sustainable living was a thing. Through her brilliant Instagram account, you get to see how her company, Eco Age Ltd, supports other businesses to embrace fair-trade values. From her travels through Africa and Asia where she interacts with the people who make our clothes to her fashionable pieces and accessories made from ethical materials, Livia’s feed is worth checking out for ethical fashion inspiration and to learn what you can do to positively impact the fashion industry' supply chain.


speaking today at Trust Women Conference on behalf of The Circle on the ground breaking Lawyers Circle report on living wages. We have long been in search of a breakthrough around slave labour and labour rights injustice in the global garment industry – and there is a very strong feeling that we have been debating, negotiating and discussing the basic of human rights – the right to a living wage – for far too long. The readymade garment (RMG) industry stands as the poster child for exploitation. In an increasingly globalised world, companies source goods from factories where people work in conditions and for wages that would be illegal, and likely criminal, in the main market places for those goods. The Lawyer’s Circle has spearheaded a substantive research project taking evidence from 15 major garment producing countries across the globe, via a network of legal professionals based in those countries. Using this evidence, and working with industry experts and committed campaign organisations (such as the Clean Clothes Campaign and Trust Law), a team headed by Jessica Simor QC, one of the UK's leading specialists in human rights and public law joined the dots between international law, the fashion industry and human rights. The Lawyers Circle Report aim is to set the debate on living wages in the garment industry within a clear, legal framework. The Report concludes that it is not good enough for manufacturers or retailers simply to say that those who produce their products are paid ‘the minimum wage’ guaranteed in the relevant country. Where the ‘minimum wage’ does not come close to ‘a living wage’, such a claim is an admission that the company’s goods are produced in breach of fundamental rights and international labour standards and are aware of their non-compliance with labour standards. Read the full report website and join the movement! @ecoage

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  • Kathleen, @consciousnchic

Kathleen’s Instagram is not just a destination for stunning pictures; it is also a place where you can learn how to live consciously and still remain stylish. Her posts are relatable and her quotes will motivate you to go the extra mile to make your life cleaner, leaner and more ethical. Whether you are looking for handcrafted accessories such as earrings, fair trade clothing brands, or vegan brands for beauty products, you can trust Kat to point you in the right direction.



  • Jennifer Nini, @ecowarriorprincess

Jennifer is an ethical fashionista to reckon and it isn’t surprising that her Instagram has over 23K followers. She is on a mission to create awareness on the impact our lifestyle choices have on the greater environment. Her Instagram feed is eye-candy for anyone who is passionate about sustainable fashion, conscious and healthy living, and eco-tourism. There are also great conversations on ethical and sustainable living here if you are looking for a like-minded community to connect with.

These are just a few of our favorite ethical living Instagrammers. There are many more out there to discover, to gain inspiration from and to connect with in your quest to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, including your fashion choices.


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